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Creating Shared Drive is very important if you regularly download files from our site. GDToT transfer files to shared drive if your drive space is full! This helps downloading file more than 15GB size. Because we have limited space (only 15GB) in our drive account, we should create shared drive before downloading anything from our site.
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See also: ** Create Shared Drive Basic (Desktop Only)

This is a simple tutorial to download any file from GDToT.
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See also: ** How To Download (Desktop Only)

We share a lot of large files which cannot be downloaded from our regular drive account. You need to create shared drive and then download large files from GDToT. Don't worry you can create shared drive in any drive account.
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See also: ** Download Large Files (Sharer) (Desktop Only)

Sometimes downloading can be failed due to some reasons. And, usually Google drive normal links desn't support resuming links. That's why the below tutorial is important for those who wants to save themselves from this issue and download anytime, anywhere with any internet connection with full resume support! You can even resume download after 1 weeks/months.
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See also: ** Create Resumable Index (Desktop Only)

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** MixPlorer Alternative: ES File Explorer, Solid Explorer

Last Updated: June 9 2021